The Switch Witch is Coming…

by Angie on October 29, 2013

There’s a new superhero coming to town.  But it’s not this chick:

1560 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

It’s the Switch Witch.

Truth be told, I was considering having Mayhem skip trick or treat this year.  You know it doesn’t seem fair to turn the kid loose, let her collect a plastic pumpkin full of treats and then confiscate ALL OF IT on account of her being allergic to everything so freakin’ much.

But as I was skimming through Facebook updates a few weeks ago, a little something caught my eye.  It was a poem about the Switch Witch.  The idea behind it is to have your kids keep only a few pieces of their candy and leave out the rest for the switch witch in an effort to fight the gluttony that is a 10 pound sack of high fructose corn syrup.  The switch witch is a GOOD witch who comes on Halloween night and trades a gift for the candy that’s left out for her and her naughty cat.

A quick google search for the switch witch will bring up quite a few results, but I especially loved this post (and the cute video explanation).

So I told Mayhem about the switch witch, but I altered the story a bit and made it more about her food allergies.  I explained that we could go through her candy after trick or treating and pull out all of the stuff she’s allergic to (my guess is going to be 90+ %) and if we leave it out, the switch witch will stop by and trade it for a present.  She was SOLD!

So it looks like Wonder Woman gets to trick or treat this year…

IMG 5752 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

And she can simply leave a sack of kryptonite on the porch as trade for a cool gift from a sugar high witch!

Now, if I can just find out which superhero I need to call about the “helluva storm” that’s due to hit Thursday evening …

Happy Halloween!


Fashion by Mayhem – For the Love of the Nubs

by Angie on September 28, 2013

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 02fx CR | 2 Sisters & a BlogAre you on Instagram?  I am.  And it’s no secret that I LOVE it!

#FashionbyMayhem is a tag I created several months ago just to keep track of the ridiculous things my kid opts to wear.  “PLEASE COVER YOUR NUBS!!” is something I yell at request of her on almost a daily basis as she stands at the window sans shirt.

A few weeks ago at Bloggy Conference I was fortunate to meet the lovely and incredibly talented Laura Kelly.  She even drew a Fashion Mayhem peep:

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 09 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

I die.

Anyhoo, Laura was one of the conference sponsors and sent us home with some orange and black Rit Dye in our swag bags.  Truth be told, I haven’t dyed anything since I was a kid and even then it was a very “controlled” environment.  Dye seemed a bit intimidating (read: permanent  read also: I’m not crafty).  And then Laura suggested to Mayhem that she could actually use the colors and make her own fashions.

Guess who demanded we give the dye thing a go the day after we got back????

Upon posting these images to IG, Laura messaged me and and said she wanted to send us some more color.

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 07 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

And did she ever!  Seriously, a BOX of Rit Dye and some other fun stuff.

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 08 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

Mayhem decided immediately that we should use some of the pink first.  Because she’s three.  And it’s pink.  Duh!

As we were looking around for something white to dye, Mayhem grabbed my new white scarf and yelled “How about this?!?!”.   At that moment, one of those lightbulbs appeared over my head and began glowing.  {Not to worry – it flickered off almost immediately.}

So I ventured off to the land of Google and approximately 3 days later a package full of white silk scarves arrived in my mailbox.

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 03 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

So I turned her loose with the scarves and rubber bands.

And I’m happy to report that we now have a dozen pink scarves.  Each a little different.  Because we’re all about being creative.

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 04 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

And we’re gifting some of them to some very special people this week.  Because October is breast cancer awareness month and we’re big believers that cancer (of any kind) sucks! So we’re going to proudly sport our new pink scarves all month long and hope to help raise awareness and support those fighting cancer.

Wanna join us?

Grab some Rit Dye in Fuschia and something white to dye.  It’s easy peasy (check out some dyeing how to’s HERE) .

And Mayhem says, for the love of your nubs, please feel yourself up this month.  Or have someone else do it icon wink | 2 Sisters & a Blog  {Alright, maybe it’s me saying it, but still … just do it!}

fasionbymayhem Oct2013 01 CR | 2 Sisters & a Blog

Want a Fashion by Mayhem #fortheloveofthenubs scarf of your own???  How about we give one away?

To enter: simply comment on this post why you think cancer sucks (or how you’ve been affected by it) OR head over to IG and post a pic of something pink in support of breast cancer awareness month AND be sure to tag it with #fortheloveofthenubs. We’ll randomly draw a winner on Friday, October 4, 2013.

PS – Not a sponsored post.  Just us doing our thing.  

PPS – Oh, and one more thing – if you need instructions on how to properly feel yourself up, you can check that out here.  Over and out.


HomeWork(place). Or something like that.

September 12, 2013

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Making Whole Wheat Bread. The Easy Way.

August 1, 2013

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July 12, 2013

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Crazy, Crazier and Craziest

June 19, 2013

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Your biggest fan…

May 20, 2013

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Seriously Inappropriate.

April 3, 2013

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April 3, 2013

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Giving Washcloth Bunnies and Smiles :)

March 27, 2013

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